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The International Source of Environmental Technology, Services and Products for the Global and Australian Market

International Relationships

New Composite Partners is a leading source for sustainable products, technologies and raw materials “Made in America” for consumers in the Australian and international marketplace. By using sustainable products or technologies, companies can reduce reliance on petroleum, promote good stewardship of our natural resources and reduce toxic substances in the environment.

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Innovative Solutions

Standard input materials currently used in industry have been almost completely made with non-renewable resources. In a global industry where there is a growing concern over both the cost of traditional, petroleum-based raw materials and their negative effects on the environment, New Composite Partners...

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Often consumers and businesses become victims of “greenwashing” with products boasting they are eco-friendly and biodegradable, when in reality, that is not always true. New Composite Partners’ management team is comprised of industry veterans who have broad knowledge and experience with sustainable initiatives.

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Why Work With Us?

To create new business development opportunities for our clients, New Composite Partners connects consumers with the best environmental technologies and services in the global marketplace.

Industry Knowledge

We believe that there is intrinsic value in producing tangible environmental products and services. Our team is comprised of a carefully selected global network of industry professionals and thought leaders.

Customer Service

Our leadership team believes passionately in the key principle that our customer always comes first. We have an uncompromising commitment to our clients and view customer satisfaction as our highest priority.


We remain on the cutting edge by investing in technology and human resources to guarantee competitiveness and flexibility in a constantly advancing marketplace.

Our Products in the Marketplace

At New Composite Partners we are driven to develop the most innovative composite applications for our clients. We aim to push the ideas of typical and everyday products by challenging companies to utilize green technologies and materials rather than the typical petrochemical base. Sustainability is not out of reach when utilizing the network and industry experience of New Composite Partners.

Featured International Products

For more than 20 years, New Composite Partners has developed products for the international consumer. As sustainability becomes integrated into the framework of our world, let New Composite Partners help your products have a global reach. Our partners on the ground in aid us in determining what products are needed to drive local sustainability movements.

More Products

Visit our products tab to view our full range of available products. We offer sustainable products across a wide range of categories to fit your companies' needs!


Our Team

At New Composite Partners, we believe that there is intrinsic value in producing tangible environmental products and services for consumers in the Australian and international marketplace. We strive to connect consumers and companies with the best environmental technologies and services. Our team consists of a main partner core, with the support of international independent contractors and consultants.

team member
Ron Hagemann

An expert in sustainable materials development and has strong relationships with a network of dedicated and experienced industry specialist with technical competence.

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team member
Samantha Morrow

Specializes in finding the most suitable and sustainable path for your company with her main focus in creating profitable commodities from previously considered waste streams.

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team member
Tailor Gable

Resourcefulness for conservation of incorporating natural materials into composites for increased performance and reduced costs.

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team member
Allana Amiran

Expertise in marketing & strategy development for global product initiatives, and repositioning troubled products and services.

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The future wellbeing of our environment demands worldwide attention. The decisions we make today can have staggering impacts on future generations. Working with New Composite Partners can help your company generate positive impacts and bring peace of mind for the future sustainability of your business and our planet. Contact us today about incorporating environmental responsibility into the framework of your business culture.